How to Configure a Second or Third Router to an Existing LAN

I had a need to configure standard Netgear DG834 v3 ADSL Router (Router1) and then connect a Netgear DG834N ADSL2+ Wireless Router (Router2) off of Router1’s Network Port. The reason is so that I can move the Wireless Router (Router2) further down the building to cover the area where I need the Wireless Signal. Using this method I could now easily add an additional DG834N to the LAN and put that in another part of the building.

When doing this, the easiest way to connect a Router to the existing LAN is to connect LAN port to LAN port and configure the LAN side of the downstream router as compared to the WAN side.

Router1 – LAN Side Configuration

Subnet Mask:

DHCP Enabled = Yes
DHCP Scope: to

Router2 – LAN Side Configuration

Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

DHCP Enabled = No



As you can see Router2 is inside of Router1’s subnet and Router2 does not issue out any DHCP addresses. The reason is so that you don’t have two routers on the same network giving out the same IP address.

With everything configured correctly, when a computer uses the Wireless network from Router2 it should get an IP address from Router1 and connect to the Internet.

If you added a second Wireless router, configure it the same as Router2 but with an IP address of and of course a different SSID & Wireless Key.