MS Exchange 2007 does not show some users with Manage Mobile Device

So I found that I had some users that were not showing “Manage Mobile Device” within the Exchange Management Console. So with a bit of browsing around on the Web I found the answer. Well, when I say the answer, it’s a method to switch the functionality back on for that user.

Fist you need to make sure that you can run ADSIEDIT.MSC  If not then you’ll need to download the Support Tools from Microsoft. They only seem to offer a 32-bit version but this did work on my 64-bit server so not to worry there. Here is the link to the download page, and make sure you download both files.

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 32-bit Support Tools

Once you’ve downloaded and installed then run ADSIEDIT.MSC and it should open a window. Now look through the Tree in the Container USERS and find the user that has the problem. Right mouse click the user and click on properties. Scroll down the list and look for “msExchMobileMailboxFlags”.  Once found, select it and click EDIT and change the value to 1 if it’s not set. Then click okay.

You may have to restart the Exchange Management Console, but your user should now have the “Manage Mobile Device” listed against them now.