So I was looking for a SQL Browser to use with Oracle

I’ve been recently looking for a SQL Browser Tool to use with Oracle, but also wanted it to work with a few other databases that I work with, such as MS SQL, DB2 and My SQL.  So off to the internet I went and did some searching around. After a while I came across a product called RazorSQL and checked that it would work with the database that I required and with Windows 7, and it did!!  Great, so I downloaded the trial, installed and connected it to all the databases that I wanted.

I found the product really easy to use and some of the features are really good, some of which I would of only expected to find in a really expensive add-on by one of the original DB manufacturers. After the trial period was up I bought a RazorSQL registration and I’ve been using this ever since.  Great product!!




3 Responses to So I was looking for a SQL Browser to use with Oracle

  1. Giuseppa Cefalu says:


    I have been looking for a friendly frontend tool that allows for concurrent access and manipulation of the Microsoft access database by several users. I came cross with RazorSql and I found that the configuration options apply to any statement that is executed on a connection regardless of whether the statement is executed via a typed in SQL statement or via one of RazorSQL’s tools such as the data editor. In other words; I can set the transaction isolation level of the database to serializable for example; which is a great feature of the tool. My question is the following. Would I have to configure razor to disable auto commit before any user tries to insert, update or delete through the grid (no-aql users) and rollback if any thing goes wrong, or commit otherwise? Would this be necessary, or does Microsof SQL server handles all the user inserts, updates and deletes as transactions just by setting the transaction isolation level?

  2. Matt Bell says:


    I would always set the Transaction Commit option to off on any database I use when using RazorSQL. I find that this gives me greater control, and NO updates, inserts or deletions actually happen until I hit the Commit button on the tool bar.

    The AutoCommit feature can be nice but also very dangerous when dealing with live Databases. The commit feature with RazorSQL makes use of the DB transaction levels that the DB you are connected to uses.

    • Giuseppa Cefalu says:

      Thank you very much for your response. So, for example, let’s say that one of the users is trying to edit records through the greed, while another user who is connected to the database from another PC is trying to read the same information. Additionally; I have configured the transaction isolation level to serializable so that the appropriate locks are implemented; how would the users determine whether to commit or rollback?

      Could you explain this a little bit more? “The commit feature with RazorSQL makes use of the DB transaction levels that the DB you are connected to uses.” Do you mean transaction isolation levels such serializable…..ect..? In other words; if I can configure the database to use any transaction isolation level only if I set to autocommit to off?

      Thank you,


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