Installing Windows 7 on my HP HDX X16-1005EA Premium Notebook PC

image So I bought this Notebook back in Feb-2009 with Vista on it. It’s been a great little machine. Not too small or either too big, since most Notebook/Laptop bags seem to have been designed for 17” machines.  Anyway I thought it was time to load Windows 7 on it. So I purchased a copy of Home Premium with the intention of loading the 64-bit version. Next I thought, let’s head to HP’s website and see what drivers, if any, they have for my Notebook and Windows 7. Well, HP and really on the ball. They’ve got a whole section with download’s for Windows 7 for my Notebook.

so about 1 hour passed and I had all my drivers and software updates needed from HP for my Notebook for Windows 7. Next I had to backup any files I had. This was easy as I already had an Iomega 250GB external HDD which I connect via USB 2.0.  At this point though I was not sure that Win7 would be able to read my Vista backups. So I just simply did Folder copies from my Notebook across to the USB drive.

Now I was ready to install Windows 7.  I inserted the Windows 7 DVD and booted up my Notebook. At the BIOS screen I made sure that I booted from the DVD Rom and not the HDD and started the installation.  Once into the configure screen I deleted the old partition and did a clean install onto the fresh disk. After about 50mins it was all installed and the system rebooted.

Once I had logged in and I then went about installing the HP drivers that I had previously downloaded. These went on without really too much of a fuss. The only thing that you have to remember is that some of the applications are going to need a reboot after they’ve been installed. I only had to reboot my Notebook about 3 or 4 times in total so not too bad. Everything works great, except the HP Assistant. I’ve still had issues making this work, but it’s not a big issue as I can check the HP website for updates manually.

My Windows Experience Index (WEI) scores are as follows: